Anthony Rota
Hon. Anthony Rota
Member of Parliament for Nipissing—Timiskaming
Government of Canada invests in new projects under the Rail Safety Improvement Program
June 14, 2021

A new project in North Bay to improve safety around Canada’s rail transportation system will receive support from the federal government.

A total of $143,402 will go towards upgrading the lights at the railway crossing on Highway 17 in North Bay, making those lights LED standard. The project will also upgrade the advanced warning system to include constant warning time at the intersection.

The Honourable Anthony Rota, Member of Parliament says, “Funding for this project enhances the safety measures surrounding the railway crossing on Highway 17 in North Bay. It is crucial that residents of Nipissing-Timiskaming are aware of the risks that are associated when there is a high volume of traffic on and around railways.”

Through the Rail Safety Improvement Program, Transport Canada is continuously working to keep Canadians safe and our railway system functioning at its best. This year’s funding will contribute to enhanced railway safety in communities across Canada including here in Nipissing-Timiskaming.

In addition to supporting infrastructure, technology and research projects that improve railway safety, the government believes that this investment will help save lives and contribute to economic growth.

Rota says, “It is critical to invest in rail safety. Not only is it an investment to reduce the potential risks surrounding rail transportation, but we are also working to increase frequency and speed of trains to and reduce automobile and transport truck traffic and the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Government of Canada’s commitment to rail safety comprises improvements along rail lines and at grade crossings and could include: the addition of flashing lights; bells and gates; the use of innovative technologies; research and studies; as well as the closure of grade crossings which present safety concerns.

The Rail Safety Improvement Program is an essential component of the Government of Canada’s efforts to improve rail safety and prevent serious occurrences. In the past four years, $85 million has been invested in the form of grants and contributions.

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